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(Editor’s comment: Recently I encountered a post with a bold premise that is so well supported by data and so tightly reasoned that I immediately decided WYS readers must see it. The author Craig Hardegree has granted WYS permission to publish it in its entirety along with several responses, which are published here as a afterword. This a splendid example of what you say if someone makes the statement that the economic policies of the Obama administration have failed.)

By Craig  Hardegree,   Attorney at Law
Sunday January 11, 2015

Unless there were a couple of US presidents serving before Eve offered the forbidden fruit to Adam in the Garden of Eden, President Obama is now THE BEST economic president of ALL TIME.

Move over, FDR, you’ve been dethroned.


For the year 2014 – you know…the full year which started and ended before the new Republican majority even saw the inside of the Senate chamber three days ago – more private sector jobs were created than during any other year in US history. That’s right, President Obama has outperformed Clinton and Reagan and even FDR in creating private sector jobs in any single year.

And even when you add in all the public sector (GOVERNMENT!) jobs which Reagan and Clinton and Bush created as each of them EXPANDED THE SIZE OF THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT thereby pumping-up their overall total numbers, President Obama’s year of 2014 is still the best year for total jobs creation that we have seen in 14 years, since Clinton’s year of 1999.

And President Obama’s jobs numbers are unparalleled in not being padded with massive government hiring.

Other than President Obama, the only president in modern times who has actually cut government jobs was Reagan, when he cut 24,000 government jobs during his first term. BUT…Reagan added back ALL of those government jobs PLUS another 1.4 MILLION government jobs, during his second term.

President Obama cut 713,000 government jobs during his first term. And he has only added back less than 50,000 of those government jobs during the first two years of his second term.

Bush had a net loss of 462,000 private sector jobs during the eight years immediately preceding President Obama taking office. President Obama has had a net gain of more than 6.5 million private sector jobs in his first six years in office.

Taking all jobs created during Bush’s eight years in office (all private jobs plus the 1.7 million government jobs created by Bush) and subtracting all the jobs lost during Bush’s eight years (including 4.4 million lost in his final year), leaves Bush with a net gain of 1.2 million total jobs in eight years. MORE


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