Advice on Relationships From Abraham Lincoln
By Gene Griessman, Ph.D.
Abraham Lincoln was able to forge relationships that were close and lasting.  This was because of the way Lincoln came across to family members, friends, supporters, even enemies.

Lincoln had a difficult relationship with his wife Mary–as did many other people–and a distant, though polite, relationship with his oldest son Robert.  (Lincoln was absent for months at a time riding the judicial circuit when Robert was growing up.  But Lincoln’s relationship with his son Tad and his son Willie, who died while Lincoln was President was wonderfully close, warm, and tender.

Not long ago I gave a presentation for a national conference on family relationships.  The chairperson of that conference asked me to provide attendees with learning objectives.  Here they are–five words Lincoln lived by in his relations with political constituents and acquaintances, with friends and family:
AMIABILITY: Be pleasant and approachable; avoid allowing arguments to grow into quarrels.
CHEERFULNESS: Take the long view when things look dark.  Do not spread gloom.  Learn how to become victorious over depression.
MAGNANIMITY: Be generous in thought and deed.  Avoid pettiness.
COURTESY: Give to others the respect that you crave for yourself.
COMMUNICATION: Learn to communicate clearly, effectively, and wisely.

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