Click Book by Tom Antion

How Speakers, Authors, Coaches and Consultants Make Money on the Internet . . . FOR REAL
(completely revised 2010 edition) v4.0

This breakthrough e-book will show you how to build an electronic marketing business from “square one” into a five-figure . . . six figure . . . even a million dollar asset.

This brand new 2010 revised and updated edition has:

  • Over 182 pages of NEW information that you need to know about to take your web operation to levels you never imagined.
  • All previous and obsolete information updated line by line . . . You can’t afford to make web decisions using old information that could hurt you or even get you banned.
  • A quick start overview . . . so you’ll know exactly where you’re going and why you should bother doing the work necessary to be successful on the Web.
  • All of the 700 links to sites you need to know about checked and updated.
  • Over 150 new links to sites you absolutely must know about.
  • 241 New Glossary terms many of which were little known, or didn’t even exist when the first version of this book came out.  . . . Terms like “Cloud Computing“, “Crowdsourcing“, “Fiverr“, “Adobe Air“, “Amazon S3“, “Bing“, “Chrome“, “Bloop Penalty“, “Fan Page,” “Geo Targeting“, “Kindle“, “Nook“, “Quality Score“, “Reputation Management“, “Reverse Squeeze Page“, “Shoskeles“, “Microblogging“, “Standards Compliant“, “Universal Search“, “Local Search“, “Virtual Book Tour“, “Social Media“, and “Android“.  . . . These are just a fraction of the terms that can all mean money in your pocket and enormous amounts of time saved.

–Gene Griessman is an internationally known keynote speaker, actor, and communication strategist. His book “The Words Lincoln Lived By” is in its 25th printing and “Time Tactics of Very Successful People” is in its 43rd. His training video “Lincoln on Communication” is owned by thousands of corporations, libraries, and government organizations. He has spoken at conventions all over the world. To learn more about his presentations, call 404-435-2225.

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