Metaphysical Reality: Goals, Visualization, and “Coincidences”

Should You Have Many Goals, Or Just A Few
by Gene Griessman, Ph.D. Author of The Words Lincoln Lived By

I believe there is power in writing down your dreams (or goals), and visualizing them materializing.  Homer Rice, the renowned coach and athletic director, taught me to write down my dreams on 3×5 cards. He told me that this was how he had achieved one astounding success after another.

Shortly after beginning the practice myself, I decided to write and perform a one-man play on Abraham Lincoln. I dutifully wrote down on one of my cards “I will perform Abraham Lincoln at Ford’s Theatre.” Each time I read that sentence, I visualized myself performing at the very place where the 16th President was assassinated.

Fast-forward. I have performed at Ford’s Theatre before large audiences not once, but twice, and both times they were “spiritual” experiences. (If you go to YouTube, you will see me performing on that stage just a few feet from the spot where John Wilkes Booth stood on that much-remembered night.)

Now, I cannot “prove” that this happened because of my dream list, or because of my visualization, certainly not with empirical evidence that would pass muster with scientists.

Perhaps I would have gotten the invitations anyway. Perhaps there was nothing metaphysical involved. Maybe it was just depth psychology–I planted the wish in my subconscious, and became alert to possibilities that led to Ford’s Theatre. Or just maybe my dream writing and visualization triggered something larger than that. Or a combination of causes.  Whatever the explanation, I am grateful.

I continue to write down my dreams, and visualize them happening.

Until very recently, I felt that having a few goals, a few dreams, was a good thing. Sharp focus on a few was better, I reasoned, that a fuzzy focus on many.

Then I read David Cameron Gikandi’s “A Happy Pocket Full of Money.” And I changed my mind.

Here’s what Gikandi has written on the subject:

“A person with one goal will achieve less than one with 100 goals. A person with 100 goals will achieve less that one with 1000 goals. The fewer goals you have, the less you will achieve….The more you have these wishes in your awareness, the more you will start meeting with ‘coincidences’ in your life that make them come true.”

You decide. Whether one or many dreams, try it, and then confidently wait for “coincidences” to start happening.

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–Gene Griessman is an internationally known keynote speaker, actor, and communication strategist. His book “The Words Lincoln Lived By” is in its 25th printing and “Time Tactics of Very Successful People” is in its 43rd. His training video “Lincoln on Communication” is owned by thousands of corporations, libraries, and government organizations. He has spoken at conventions all over the world. To learn more about his presentations, call 404-435-2225.

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