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How To Disagree In A Conversation Or In A Letter

What You Say When You Disagree With Someone by Gene Griessman, Ph.D. One of the best ways to improve your verbal skills–which can be used in letter writing or in conversations, arguments, or media interviews—is to listen to interviews with … Continue reading

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Effective Verbal Communication: How To Prevent Interruptions

What You Say When Someone Interrupts You Mid-Sentence By Gene Griessman, Ph.D. Here is a simple communication technique that—with a bit of practice—you can use in media interviews, business conferences, or everyday social discussions. This communication technique was used effectively … Continue reading

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A Powerful Negotiating and Communication Tactic:  You Can Learn More And Sometimes Win An Argument With This Simple Question What do you say if someone makes a statement, and you want to know more about the subject–or if you disagree … Continue reading

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How To Argue

What To Win Political Arguments, or Any Other Kind of Argument: Don’t get snagged on a specific detail. Have you ever been in an argument, and you were  interrupted or contradicted because you didn’t get some detail exactly right?  Most … Continue reading

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Media Interviews: How To Express An Opinion

“Off the Cuff” Comments If you are asked to express an opinion, but you want to indicate that what you say is not the result of careful research, here’s one way to say it:  “If somebody were to put a … Continue reading

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What You Say: How To Say It Right

Follow @whatyousayG Finally!! Now You Can Harness The Power Of Words To Persuade Anyone! Whatyousay.com contains hundreds of power phrases, power statements, and power questions that are used by great communicators–powerful communication tools that you can use immediate. Word Power!  … Continue reading

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