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Unusual Quotations:Lincoln on Focus

Unusual Quotations   ”I will hold McClellan’s horse if he will only bring us success.” Abraham Lincoln to an associate after the President had been treated discourteously by his General-in-Chief THE Lincoln Quotation Book Don’t get embarrassed using a spurious Lincoln quote.  Here’s … Continue reading

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Erich Fromm‘s Unusual Quotation on Love

Unusual Quotation: Erich Fromm on Love Here’s a quotation you can use in a speech or in your writing, or your personal meditation or journalizing.  It’s by Erich Fromm, the great social philosopher, humanistic philosopher, sociologist, and best-selling author, who … Continue reading

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How Hitler Became Hitler: Janet Flanner’s Description of Hitler

A Powerful Quotation: Tell-tale Signs Of A Dictator In The Making by Gene Griessman, Ph.D Here’s a remarkable description of Hitler that you may be able to use in your writing or speeches.  I have Garrison Keillor and “The Writer’s … Continue reading

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