Wedding Toast Examples for the Father of the Bride

Wedding Toasts For a Father to his Daughter

(The father faces the audience and says…) “All the years_________was growing up, we knew that this day would come — __________’s wedding day.  This is a very special day for us, as well as for _______and_______.

(Father turns to daughter, making eye contact, and says….) “You see, _______________, it means so much to us to know you have found someone you love,  and to see how very happy you are.  Go with our blessings, and may your dreams become reality.


(The father faces the bride, makes eye contact, and says to her…)  ” ______________, what a delight you have been to mom and me.  During every stage of your growing-up years, you have brought a special joy.  You’ve given us so much happiness.  Today we want you to know how very much you are loved.  Now we fondly hope that you will be as happy as you have made us, that you will experience as much joy as you have brought into our  lives.

Adapted and excerpted from “Diane Warner’s Complete Book of Wedding Toasts.”

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