Your Performance Review: How To Prepare

What You Say At Your Performance Review by Gene Griessman, Ph.D.

Prepare for an annual (or quarterly) review the same way that an author prepares for a media interview. Create a script Don’t walk into your annual review without preparing. You will need more than just a positive mental attitude. Do forward thinking Anticipate the questions that will be asked, and write them down. Part of knowing what you will be asked is to try to get inside the head of your boss. Social scientists call this sympathetic introspection. Try to figure out what he/she thinks is most important about your job. You don’t want to be focusing on some aspect of your job that your boss doesn’t think is important. Decide what you will say about each question/topic. believes that words matter. So try out alternative ways of presenting your material–before the actual interview. Take the initiative If you’ve done something that you are proud of, think of a way to work this into the conversation. Whenever I do a media interview, I think of some way that I can bring up a topic that the interviewer might not ask about. For example, I might say, “’Lincoln on Communication’ gives 10 ways to communicate more effectively. Do we have time to discuss one or two of them?” If it’s your annual (or quarterly) review, you might say, “I’ve been working hard on our training manual. Would you like for me to discuss that? Etc.” Remember, there’s more to career success than just working hard. You must work at the right projects, and communicate that you do them well. Your annual review is an opportunity to do just that.

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